Get Hooked on Better Sleep with our Fishbone Bed Slats

Fishbone slats


Introducing our latest bed frame add-on: fishbone bed slats! Made of beautiful mahogany wood, these slats add extra support and strength to your bed frame, increasing its maximum weight capacity.

The fishbone design of the slats not only looks stylish but also helps to evenly distribute weight across the frame, reducing the risk of sagging or warping over time. The Super Single version comes with one vertical slat and six horizontal slats, while the Queen and King versions have two vertical slats and six horizontal slats, all securely attached to the base of the bed frame.

But don't worry about sacrificing comfort for strength. The fishbone bed slats are designed to work seamlessly with your existing mattress and plywood. The plywood still sits on top of the slats, providing a sturdy base for your mattress to rest on.

Upgrade your bed frame with our fishbone bed slats and enjoy a more durable and supportive sleeping experience.

Exclusively available for the following models:
Sail Bed Frame (帆) HM311 / Volcano Bed Frame (灿) HM313
Ark Bed Frame (舟) HM318 / Dimens Bed Frame (维) HM350
Valley Bed Frame (谷) HM353 / Wave Bed Frame (浪) HM355